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Enrichment Programs

Movement & Motion

The movement and motion program is our most popular outdoor class. It contains a fitness component while instilling a sense of sportsmanship and teamwork. This program is customized to the level of the participants and typically includes learning the basic rules of sports conduct.

Arts & Crafts

The arts and crafts program provides children with the ability to accomplish art projects that are complicated and in-depth. While every class does art on a regular basis, children love to express themselves through paint, clay, paper and glue. This program encourages creativity and is tailored to level of each student enrolled.

Nutrition & Cooking

The nutrition and cooking program brings math and science together for a delicious ending. This program helps children with the fundamental basics of cooking, mixing and healthy habits. Each program is catered to the palates of each student and encourages cleanliness and safety.

Music & Movement

The music and movement program brings music, dancing and fun together for an experience that will last a lifetime. This program improves coordination and rhythm and helps children express themselves in a positive way. Each course is tailored to the individual learner and helps to improve thought process, reasoning and memory.